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Groom's guide to wedding planning

Are you the kind of groom who wants to plan every step with the bride? Are you the strategic groom who suggests to the bride to hire a wedding planner to do everything for her?

Will you be the groom who is overwhelmed and worried about the cost of everything? Will you be the type of groom who is not worried about the costs but just wants to have fun? Would you like to just elope with your partner? Are you the type of groom who would do anything for your partner because you love her so much?

There are more types I haven't talked about, but no matter what type of groom you are, know this: you won't be able to repeat your wedding, and your choices will affect the outcome, whether in the short or long term. You have this one day to celebrate your union with your life partner.

Before you read about gifts, suits and many other preparation details, think for a moment about your future wife. It is unbelievable how many things a woman takes on when she has been proposed to.

You may have chosen one of the best wedding venues in the mountains or will it be a destination wedding in Italy? From this moment on, many brides continue to work alone or with their bridesmaids. Get involved and support your life partner. If you both feel overwhelmed, consider eloping or hiring a wedding planner to help you with your plans.

If you've come across this article and are wondering why should I hire a wedding planner, be clear about how relaxed you want to be about your wedding preparation and big day and whether you want to worry about every little detail yourself. Okay, that was a little bit away from the actual article, but I always notice that future grooms often ask us about the purpose of a wedding planner.

When it comes to prices, the bride often knows how important it is to hire a wedding planner. The groom sees a price tag and wonders if it is necessary. It is important to know what is involved in the price, what the service is and most importantly what value it adds, especially if you are a groom who thinks professional planning is unnecessary or expensive.

My little guide for the groom on planning and preparing the wedding day should help you to make the decision easier.

Wedding planning can be stressful.

Marriage is a partnership and that includes wedding planning. It brings stress and pressure, but with the right support you should be able to handle all the details. The more you get involved with the details, the better everything will work out.

Good communication can help you get all the details sorted out.

If you feel overwhelmed at any time, just talk to your partner. Explain to her how you are feeling. Preparing for your wedding day is a daunting undertaking. If friends and family offer you their help, accept it. You will need them. Even if you prefer to do everything yourself, I've found that grooms often underestimate how much work planning a wedding is. For these men, I suggest getting a wedding planner.

Even though planning a wedding involves tasks like picking out flowers, choosing a venue, or picking a color scheme you both like, ultimately the day is about celebrating your relationship. Enjoy the preparation, the memories of it will always make you smile.

Do NOT take charge on your wedding day

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that you can organize your wedding by yourself, taking care of tasks like flower delivery or setup. If you don't delegate properly you will be absent from the celebration over and over again and miss so many emotional moments. Your bride also doesn't want to have to keep looking for you during the celebration.

Even if you can't do all the tasks, especially if you are organizing your wedding by yourself, you should try to find family members and friends who can help you. For example, ask a trusted friend to take care of the caterer and other tasks like flowers, venue and even loading the gifts after the reception. Book a shave or morning haircut with your barber or hairdresser early enough.

Again, a wedding planner would be very helpful as they will take care of all these things without you having to pass on the tasks to friends and family. The more they do themselves the less time you will have to have fun at your own wedding.

Time for photos

It is important that your photographer has enough time to take the preparation photos of your groomsmen and possibly your parents. Remember that a professional photographer needs time and space to take great shots. Even though most grooms pay little to no attention to the photos, in hindsight you will be pleased with the moment captured.

Tips for you as the groom

The wedding day will be one of the most beautiful and exciting moments in a couple's life. Even though the bride is the centre of attention, looking good should not be limited to the lady. The limelight offers enough space for both to look stunning.

From manicures to applying make-up, men have become bolder when it comes to their looks. For the groom, there is a wide range of pre-wedding preparations that can be availed.

Looking flawless is no longer a privilege of the bride, men too have taken it upon themselves to look impeccable.

As the big day approaches, every little detail is planned to perfection. If you are the man of the day, you may be asking yourself:

"How does a groom prepare for a wedding?"

"What are the tips for the groom before the wedding or the tips for the wedding?

Choose the perfect suit

One of the most important details is the suit. So make sure you choose a well-fitting suit that matches the style and atmosphere of the wedding as well as the colour scheme.

Whether it's a classic or modern suit, choose the right fabric taking into account the season, as you don't want to be cold or sweaty. Also think about the venue and the style of your wedding. Don't forget to choose the right accessories to go with your suit. From shoes to cufflinks, there is plenty of choice in highlights for the man. Do not hesitate to ask your wedding planner for advice. As a tailor i can be of assistance on any matter, concerning groom styling. As we at Simply Si are a wedding planner that work around the world, we are happy to advice you on the right garments, fits and style for your wedding.

Get a haircut

There's nothing like a good haircut to make you look dressed up. But don't wait until the day before to do it. Go to a professional hairdresser about a week before the wedding to get your hair cut and shaved, and if time allows, get a little trim on the morning of the wedding with your best man. Your wedding planner will plan this for you too.

As part of the groom's preparation for the wedding, it is important to know your face shape and get a haircut that suits them best. As well as a haircut, you can also trim your beard if you have one.

You can never go wrong with a clean face, but a perfectly groomed beard can add the finishing touch to your look.

Practice your vows

And then, of course, there are the vows! Nowadays it is popular for the bride and groom to write their own vows. Either way, make sure you know your vows or have a printed copy to hand so that you can manage this important part of the ceremony well.

Practice the vow out loud and in front of a mirror and try to speak clearly and slowly. Memorise your vows and always look your partner in the eye when reciting them at the ceremony.

As we are not only wedding planner, but Ivan is also a wedding celebrant, we can also assist you on this matter. Need a quote? Click here!

Prepare thank you notes

Prepare the gifts or notes for your groomsmen. A few personal lines from the heart will remain in emotional memory.

A love message to your bride delivered by the bridesmaids works wonders. Grooms underestimate the nervousness of a bride on her big day.

Get enough sleep and eat properly

Make sure you are well-rested when the big day arrives. Refrain from late-night movies and irregular daily routines. I recommend at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night and a healthy and balanced diet with fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. This is a necessary preparation for any groom before the wedding. You will thank me when you are standing at the altar waiting for the bride to arrive. No matter how cool you are, the sight of your future wife will blow your mind!

Drink lots of water, and if you are a smoker, you might want to stop smoking for a while, or at least keep it to a minimum until your wedding. All this will help you feel completely at ease on your big day.

The day before the wedding

Get everything ready in good time that you will need on the day of the ceremony. Your wrinkle-free outfit, the already broken-in and polished shoes and the rings are by far the most important things. Cufflinks created especially for your day are a special highlight that will round off your wedding look perfectly. But also think about cash and important documents that you might need for service providers such as caterers etc. This avoids hectic and stress. This avoids hectic and stress - and you can truly do without that, because the day will certainly be exciting enough! Speaking of excitement: Ask your best man or a good friend to have deodorant or perfume ready for you so that you can freshen up should the need arise.

If you have hired a wedding planner, he or she will take care of just these little things.

Be ready for the adventure of a lifetime

Perhaps the most important part of a groom's wedding preparations is to fully commit in your heart and mind to the adventure of a lifetime.

I love you,

without knowing how or when or from where.

I love you sincerely,

without complexity or pride.

I love you,

because I don't know any other way.

So close that your hand on my breast

is my hand,

So close that when you close your eyes..,

I fall asleep at once.

(Pablo Neruda)


Bride and Groom after the ceremony in a Tuscan Abbey, bride in white dress and groom in a black tuxedo

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