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What is a symbolic wedding ceremony?


A symbolic wedding ceremony is as unique and individual as you are. That starts with your wedding location. Do you already have precise ideas about how and where you want to get married?

Perhaps you have always dreamt of a wedding on the beach under palm trees? Or in a castle? In the middle of an olive grove? High up in the mountains? Or do you dream of an absolute luxury wedding?

Apart from the location, you can also choose the time and the sequence of events

for a secular wedding ceremony! A symbolic wedding ceremony is as unique as it is individual. It is as colourful as you want it to be. With me, your wedding ceremony is friendly, humorous and designed with a love of detail, without sacrificing what is important at a wedding: True Emotions.


Contact me and we will discuss what is important to you, free of charge and without obligation. From traditional to alternative - a symbolic wedding ceremony can be designed according to your wishes. Because you ,as the bride and groom,

are the centre of attention.

As a wedding celebrant, it is my task to deal with you and your love story in a conscientious and trusting manner. My aim is to portray you and to put a smile on the faces of you and your guests. Because that is what matters!

You are asking yourself, "What is a secular wedding ceremony?" or "How much does a wedding speaker cost?" or "What should a symbolic wedding ceremony cost?" -

I will be happy to answer your questions!

Wedding Celebrant for Italy,Switzerland, Europe
Wedding Celebrant in Italy,Switzerland and Europe

Multilingual Symbolic Ceremony

As a wedding celebrant and wedding planner,

I travel internationally and many of my bridal couples come from different countries:

Because love knows no borders!  

Therefore, I can answer your question about multilingual wedding speeches

with a YES.

I offer my wedding speeches in the following languages,





and not to be underestimated also in 


which can be mixed according to your wishes.


Friends for Friends Package






You have friends or relatives who want to give the speech

with all the trimmings for you. However, you are a little unsure how to proceed, how the structure is and how to incorporate all the little details that are important to you?  

For this I advise and support your speakers via video call or in person depending on your budget. From the questions they can ask you to the proofreading of the speech they have written, I am the contact person for your speakers.

I'm happy to answer all you questions on this unique package.


Vintage Fiat 500 for a wedding in Verona, Italy
Bespoken wedding guestbook

Ceremony event coaching




    For a really great and professional speech by your friends, I will conduct an intensive wedding interview of about 2-3 hours with the couple, as well as interviews with the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

On this basis, I will write a beautiful, unique wedding speech,

which then can be performed by oner or more people at the wedding ceremony.

The head-speaker will receive the speech about 2 weeks before the wedding, including a phone call with me to go through everything in peace, so that there is enough time to familiarise with it.

Happy to answer all your questions.



tailor made




You have decided to get married in Italy? Congratulations!

Italy has certain hurdles to overcome for binding civil ceremonies. 

Although there is little bureaucracy for foreigners, a translator is mandatory

for couples who do not speak or understand Italian. 

You want to know more about the procedure and prices. Contact me for a quote.

Groom Styling 

As a former bespoken tailor, I am happy to assist the groom.

Be it with tips and tricks for the right wardrobe, or with information on overall

groom styling.

Get in touch!


Bespoken Wedding Planner for Italy,Switzerland, Europe
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