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If you have a tight budget but would love to have a swoon-worthy cake, just grab your hubby to be and go for a long romantic walk! Start collecting edible flowers, take them home, wash them gently and press them between 2 books for at least 2 weeks. Make sure that the flowers are definitely edible (e.g. daisies, poppies, dandelion, lilacs, pansies, roses, lavender, marigolds, cornflowers etc.) and that they did grow wildly, away from busy streets and without any kind of pesticides.

You can keep the flowers in an airtight container for months so you can use them for autumn and winter weddings as well.

You can bake the cakes 2 days before the wedding, layer, fill and frost them the day before and decorate with your pressed flowers on your wedding day. Or ask a passionate baker of your family to do it. ;-)

It looks amazing and because of all the pressed flowers there is no need to make the frosting smooth and accurate.

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